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Software freezing

the software would freeze my laptop everytime it counts down 3 2 1. I have tried reinstalling and rebooting computer but didn't work.

Hi Michael, I see you are using a Bluetooth headset; this may be the reason why PitchVantage froze on your laptop. Your Bluetooth headset needs to be selected as the default recording device and connected/turned on before you open the PitchVantage application:

  • Right click the sound icon¬†on desktop > Click¬†Recording devices
  • Right click your Bluetooth Microphone > Select Set as Default Device
  • Put on your Bluetooth headset before opening PitchVantage¬†

If solution above does not work for you, let me know and I will send you instructions for Cloud version of PitchVantage so you can start practicing first.

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It worked, thank you!

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