A:  We can only identify a bug before your laptop clears the error reports. So as soon as a bug occurs, let's say the screen froze during practice, please directly close the app (force quit) and email the following info to support@pitchvantage.com. If you reopen the app right away, error reports are gone.

  •  Operating system
  •  A description of the steps that led to the issue 
  •  Screen shot of the error (if possible)
  •  Output Log
  •  Session Folder & Temp Folder 
Before you start collecting information requested, unhide AppData file folder. Then, see instructions below to get help providing anything. We really appreciate your help!

How to attach output log?

If you installed PitchVantage in the default folder, click Attach Filein your email reply > Click Computer or This PC > Click Local Disk (C:) > Click Program Files (x86) > Click PitchVantage > Click PitchVantage_Data.

      If you installed PitchVantage somewhere else, click Attach File buttonin the email reply > Go to the folder where you installed PitchVantage > Click PitchVantage > Click PitchVantage_Data.

Select output_log.txt > Click Open.

How to attach session folder and temp folder?

  • Windows 7 and 8 users: Open Computer
  • Windows 10 users: Open This PC

Then click Local Disk (C:) > Click Users > Click your PC user name > Click AppData (it's hidden if you don't see it. Click here for help to unhide) > Click LocalLow > Click PitchVantage > Click PitchVantage.


Find the Session Folder of the practice session which you experienced trouble. Right click that Session Folder > Compress the session folder and drag it to your desktop. 

Lastly, click Attach File buttonin the email > Select the compressed session folder from your desktop.

To attach temp folder, go through the above process again. Instead of finding a session folder, click a folder called "temp".

How to find Windows Version?

Type System into the Windows search bar > Click System.


You will see the Windows edition and system information.  

How to attach a screenshot?

Press PrtSc or Fn + K

Press Ctrl + V to paste screenshot into email