Under Input, make sure you see External Microphone (Conexant SmartAudio HD) as the input device, then click Device properties.

Click Levels.

  • Drag Microphone slider to 100
  • Drag Microphone Boost slider to +12.0 dB (if visible)


Important: make sure microphone is NOT muted

Picture below shows the microphone is muted. Unmute by clicking the icon .

Click Listen > Uncheck Listen to this device

Click Advanced.

  • Select 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100HZ (CD Quality) from the drop-down menu. If this selection is unavailable, keep the default format.
  • Uncheck Enable audio enhancements (if visible)


Click OK. Your adjustment is complete!

Lastly, click the attachment below to listen to a 6-second audio and get a sense of what good quality recording sounds like. You are all set and ready to launch PitchVantage!