First, connect a headset with a mic to your laptop.

  • If you use a USB headset, click here to continue
  • If you use a Bluetooth headset, click here to continue
  • If you use a headset with one or two jacks, follow the instructions below

Right click the sound iconon desktop > Click Recording Devices

  • If you see a microphone with check markon the icon, go down to the next step. 
  • If not, right click within the empty space > Click Show Disabled Devices > Right click the disabled External Microphone > Click Enable. Now you should see a microphone with check mark



  • If your recording/input device is Realtek High Definition Audio, go down to the next step.
  • If your recording/input device is Conexant SmartAudio HD, click here to continue.
  • If your recording/input device is IDT High Definition Audio CODEC or other audio drivers, click here to continue.

Double click Microphone for Realtek High Definition Audio. 


Click Enhancements.

  • Uncheck Disable All Sound Effects (if visible)
  • Check Immediate Mode (if visible)
  • Check Noise Suppression (if visible)
  • Check Mono Microphone (if visible)
  • Check Microphone Focus (if visible)

Newer laptops have only one setting item: Enable. Check Enable


Click Levels.

  • Drag Microphone slider to 100
  • Drag Microphone Boost slider to 0.0 dB (if visible)


Important: make sure microphone is NOT muted

Picture below shows the microphone is muted. Un-mute by clicking the icon .

Click Listen > Uncheck Listen to this device


Click OK. Your adjustment is complete! 

Lastly, click the attachment below to listen to a 6-second audio and get a sense of what good quality recording sounds like. You are all set and ready to launch PitchVantage!