Instructor Configuration

First, click on Courses then click on the Course you want to add PitchVantage as a tool in.

Click the + icon just below Course Content > Content Market.

Find PitchVantage under Institution Tools, then click the + icon to add PitchVantage to your course.

Important: Once added, click on the small arrow next to PitchVantage to change the status to Visible to students.

Finally, please copy the URL you see in the browser address bar and send it to PitchVantage Support ( to configure it for launch.

PitchVantage Grade

To send student grade back from PitchVantage, please follow the steps below:

After adding the tool, click on three dots > Edit.

On the edit form, 

  • Make sure Visible to students option is selected for students to see their grades
  • Tick the box next to Create gradebook entry for this item
  • Fill out the rest: Due Date, Grade using, Maximum points, and Category
  • Update the Grade Title and Description as per your requirement

Before clicking Save, take a screenshot of the filled form and send it to PitchVantage support ( so that we can send back students grades on requested format. Then click Save.

Once students complete their practices in PitchVantage application, PitchVantage will post students grades to blackboard account. Click on Grades > Click On the Course. Under Gradable Items make sure to click "Post Grades" if you see the button. Once you post, Students will see their grades. You can also click on Students tab next to Gradable Items and click on student name to see their individual grade.