Open Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your web browser.

First, go to and log into your online dashboard > Click Videos tab on top > Click My Live Presentations.

Pre-upload your slides (if applicable) ahead of your presentation. Under Upload your Presentation column, click the upload icon.

Wait on the queueing page. Once you instructor starts a live presentation,Click Present (as presenter) or Join (as listener/peer commenter).

Pop-ups may be blocked on your device, please allow.

I am a presenter

Select microphone and camera to use and allow permission. Quickly check to make sure you have turned on both microphone and camera. All three buttons at the bottom should appear in blue.

Audio: can your instructor hear you clearly? If not, select a different mic.

Video: can you see yourself clearly? If not, select a different camera.

If you experience echo, use a headset. Email if you need additional help with microphone/camera settings. For your live presentation, try other browsers or devices.

Once ready, Start Recording.

*Important: if you are NOT ready to present, do NOT start recording. Instead, simply let your instructor knowYour instructor will shuffle the presenting order for next one in line to present first.

To change slides during presentation (if applicable)click the + button > Take presenter. Then press the right or left arrow key. Once the presentation is completed, click End recording.

You will be redirected back to queueing page, and your instructor will open up the next live presentation.

I am a listener/peer commenter

Join as listener.

During the live presentation, use the public chat box to provide real time comments to the presenter(s).