Email two pieces of simple information and PitchVantage team is happy to set up the live recording assignment(s) for you:

-group details (if applicable) you can directly download from LMS

-live speech/presentation date

Add presenting groups/individuals first.

Log into using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

*Note: If PitchVantage is integrated with your course LMS (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L), simply log into your LMS account and launch PitchVantage from your course assignment page.

Click Assignments on top.

Select a course section on the left, then click Add Assignment > Live Presentation.

Title: e.g. Presentation A Live June 13

Master Group: add a group

Choose Rubric: add a rubric later as needed

Select Timezone, Date/Time: your class time

Slide upload: selecting Yes will allow your students to upload their slides ahead of the live presentation

Group chat: selecting Yes will allow you and your students to communicate right in PitchVantage via group chat. This works the best for online synchronous presentations done live in PitchVantage

Enter Text Description: add in more guidelines of this live recording event

Click SubmitYour assignment updates will be instantly synced to student accounts.