To ensure accurate presentation scores, we require all first-time users to adjust sound recording settings before using PitchVantage. Follow the instructions carefully and you only need to complete this process once. 

First, connect a headset with a mic to your laptop.

  • If you use a USB headset, click here to continue.
  • If you use a Bluetooth headset, click here to continue.
  • If you use a headset with one or two jacks, follow the instructions below.

Right click the sound icon on desktop> Click Recording devices.


  • If you see a microphone with check markon the icon, go down to the next step. 
  • If not, right click within the empty space > Click Show Disabled Devices > Right click the disabled External Microphone > Click Enable.


Now, you should see at least one microphone with check mark, similar to the screenshot below. Next,
  • if you see Realtek High Definition Audio, go down to the next step.
  • if you see Conexant SmartAudio HD, click here to continue.
  • if you see IDT High Definition Audio CODEC or other audio drivers, click here to continue.

You can either watch this video for rest of instructions OR keep following the written instructions below.

Double click Microphone for Realtek High Definition Audio.


Click Enhancements.

  • Uncheck Disable All Sound Effects (if visible)
  • Check Immediate Mode (if visible)
  • Check Noise Suppression (if visible)
  • Check Acoustic Echo Cancellation (if visible)
  • Check Mono Microphone (if visible)
  • Check Microphone Focus (if visible)

Newer laptops have only one setting item: Enable. Check Enable


Click Levels.

  • Drag Microphone slider to 100
  • Drag Microphone Boost slider to 0.0 dB (if visible)


Important: make sure microphone is NOT muted

Picture below shows the microphone is muted. Un-mute by clicking the icon .

Click Listen > Uncheck Listen to this device


Click OK. Your adjustment is complete! 

Lastly, click the attachment below to listen to a 6-second audio and get a sense of what good quality recording sounds like. You are all set and ready to launch PitchVantage!